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1133 Omineca Avenue
Prince Rupert, BC, V8J 2B9


WILD Skincare is a collection of luxury skincare created for adventurous, environmentally conscious men and women. The collection currently includes moisturizers, face wash and a body wash created from plants and botanicals that are native to and were traditionally used by First Nations of Northwestern B.C.   We are proudly working towards harvesting 100% of our botanicals from the Great Bear Rainforest in Northwestern B.C., Canada.  We are passionate about supporting our local community by creating jobs, sharing stories and honouring Frist Nations tradition by learning, supporting and creating environmental awareness of this amazing part of the world through our product line. 

Prince Rupert Rain, Rain Rain


Prince Rupert Rain, Rain Rain

Karen Martin

I ( Karen) have just driven for 3 days to get from Vancouver to Prince Rupert and begin harvesting Labrador tea! I timed my drive really badly and came to a blocked highway at Spences Bridge due to the forest fires in the B.C. Interior. I drove to Merritt and couldn't find a hotel room so I drove back to Hope expecting that the highway would be open in the morning and that I'd be able to head back North as planned!

Turns out that the forest fires have and are still creating unimaginable turmoil in the Caribou. The news is that 14,000 people have been evacuated from the area, homes and businesses have been destroyed and the fires are still out of control. 

I ended up driving East, all  the way to a town called Tete Jaune Cache, near the Alberta town of Jasper and then turning West to drive on to Prince George and ultimately Prince Rupert. 

it took a day longer that it should have, but I got to see an area of B.C. that I haven't visited before. The smoke throughout the drive was insane. It was literally like driving through one giant camping fire. The air was thick with smoke- almost like the coastal fog; and breathing all of that smoke in probably wasn't very healthy!

I arrived in Prince Rupert in the rain, it's still raining and I'm back into my mohair socks, Sherpa boots and lots of layers as it's pretty chilly - good bye suntan!

Upside.... everything, absolutely everything is green, green green.  I had forgotten just how many shades of green there are here!! Today I'm going to get all of my rain gear on and start harvesting!! Tonight I'll have the distiller on and we'll have the start of the 2017 Labrador Tea oil!

I think there's a great Cab Sav that will be perfect to celebrate Day 1 !!!!