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1133 Omineca Avenue
Prince Rupert, BC, V8J 2B9


WILD Skincare is a collection of luxury skincare created for adventurous, environmentally conscious men and women. The collection currently includes moisturizers, face wash and a body wash created from plants and botanicals that are native to and were traditionally used by First Nations of Northwestern B.C.   We are proudly working towards harvesting 100% of our botanicals from the Great Bear Rainforest in Northwestern B.C., Canada.  We are passionate about supporting our local community by creating jobs, sharing stories and honouring Frist Nations tradition by learning, supporting and creating environmental awareness of this amazing part of the world through our product line. 


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Karen Martin

Walking through the forest I had a realization that everything around me was alive…. breathing… participating actively in producing CO2. I felt like I was in the engine of the planet. It was a moment that gave me pause.

I also considered my daily trek back and forth from my work in downtown Vancouver. I always walked to my apartment in Yaletown; about 20 minutes down Burrard with a left onto Davie. I loved the walk, but deep down I was always concerned about breathing in the carbon monoxide from the traffic.

Standing in the forest and considering its smell, I realized just how primal it is. It’s an olfactory cacophony that melds together all of the distinct scents from the myriad of plants, animals, mushrooms, moss, lichen and salt air from the ocean, into an oxygen stew.

When we made Wild we knew that we had something very special and rare in the form of Labrador Tea which is one of our key ingredients. The shrubs grow in wet, acidic bogs and conifer swamps where peat moss forms puffy tufts amongst the twisted little pines struggling to survive in the bog water.

 It’s something that not a lot of people are familiar with and it’s not widely used in the skin care industry. It’s packed with tannins, mineral salts and is said to be triple the effectiveness of Vitamin C and Grapeseed Oil in combatting free radicals. It’s an astringent and an anti-microbial as well. Those are great attributes for those of use roaming the streets of our cities!

We use it as one of the key ingredients in WILD not only for it’s amazing qualities for skin care, but because of its uniqueness. Labrador Tea has an amazing sweet/spicy smell. When you use Wild products, your mind will search back and try to identify it and try to attach it to a time and an event in your life and you may draw a blank, because you’ve never smelled this plant before!

Sherry; our chemist, tempered the scent of the Labrador Tea with a touch of Cedar Leaf and the intertwine of the scents is otherworldly. The body wash and facial cleanser cut loose with that great smell when you lather it on your skin and then it disappears; like a fantastic vacation that ends all too soon.

Wild is designed for men and women; the scent is unique but it doesn’t remain on your skin. All that remains is the goodness of the ingredients. Now take a deep breath and imagine you’re in the Coastal Rainforest!!!


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