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WILD Skincare is a collection of luxury skincare created for adventurous, environmentally conscious men and women. The collection currently includes moisturizers, face wash and a body wash created from plants and botanicals that are native to and were traditionally used by First Nations of Northwestern B.C.   We are proudly working towards harvesting 100% of our botanicals from the Great Bear Rainforest in Northwestern B.C., Canada.  We are passionate about supporting our local community by creating jobs, sharing stories and honouring Frist Nations tradition by learning, supporting and creating environmental awareness of this amazing part of the world through our product line. 


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Karen Martin

Recycling isn't the most festive thing to be talking about right now, but it's super important to us here at WILD and we think any time is a good time to be talking about recycling and the impact of waste on our planet.  WILD is doing it's best to reduce our impact on the planet and reduce the amount of waste in our packaging, read along to learn how and why! 

Terracycle has a great write-up that I've copied from their site discussing waste:

A philosophy of waste:

“Garbage” does not exist in nature. In a natural system, any waste generated by one organism becomes a useful input to another. For example, a fox’s droppings may fertilize a nearby berry bush whose fruit may then become food for a bird. The bird might then become a meal for the fox, continuing the cycle. Any outputs generated in the system are utilized, and nothing is left to waste.

With the creation of synthetic materials, humans have broken this natural, cyclical harmony. While plastics and other man-made materials have allowed us greater and more cost-effective innovative freedom, when they reach the end of their life they become useless garbage that has no place in nature’s healthy cycle of input and output.

We see fish with bellies full of plastic and birds making nests from cigarette butts, and the problem is only exacerbated with our tendency to over-consume. Easy and cheap access to so many goods and products, coupled with a dramatic increase in global population and a throwaway consumer culture have resulted in a global garbage crisis.

The impact of waste:

Over the past 100 years, the amount of waste that humanity produces has increased by almost 10,000 percent. Of that staggering volume, it is estimated that 25 percent ends up in our oceans, forming five gigantic gyres of garbage. Since only a small percentage gets recycled the majority is effectively mummified in landfills, leaching out methane and other toxic outputs over time. If it is not buried, it is typically burned in incinerators. While a very small percentage of incinerators do produce some energy as an output, in the process they also destroy all possible value except the caloric (or energy) value inherent in the materials."

They nailed it right?

At WILD, we've be working hard to design a recycling program for ourselves; where we want to be and how we want to get there.

Our bottles are glass. We thought that this was the best choice for packaging for us as a start-up. It's not cheap, but it can be recycled over and over and made into new glass products which is really great!

We found an article on glass packaging from Richard Engel, president & COO, Decotech, Inc. His company has been focused on environmentally responsible manufacturing and Zero Waste for several years, and he cites customers’ increasing awareness and interest in these practices. He states that “Glass is an inherently sustainable packaging material—it can be fully recycled repeatedly and because it is inert, glass is a great packaging material for safeguarding a user’s health and well-being.”

So our glass bottles can be recycled at your local recycling center, but what about our lotion pumps?  

Throughout our research, we discovered that recycling lotion pumps isn't an easy thing, but luckily, TerraCycle offers a great program for them! 

We've joined forces with TerraCycle to offer you a recycling initiative, so you can recycle your used WILD lotion pumps and get a little reward from us for doing so! 

WILD is offering a 15% discount on your next product purchase if you help us out in our battle towards zero waste!  Sounds great, doesn't it?!  Here's how:

Once you're finished with your skincare, and have two empty Wild product bottles, email us and we'll send along a prepaid envelope for your used pumps, along with a discount code for your next order.  Pop them into the mail and we then send them off to TerraCycle to be properly recycled!!  Easy Peasy! 

The plastics issue really came to life for our resident photographer Talon this past summer when he worked with Rugged Coast Research mapping the plastics that are washing onto the beaches all over the coast. He said the sheer volume of plastic waste was hard to believe!  Read more on his blog here.



Just recently we heard from Nicole Robinson and Archie Dundas who spend three months each year living on Rennison Island monitoring marine activity in Caamano Sound. One of the areas they monitor is the Moore Islands. Over three years time the plastic waste has grown from a foot deep to three feet deep, and it's primarily micro-plastics!

This is so crazy!!! The most pro-active thing we can do is ensure that we minimize our use of plastics. We can refuse plastic bags, straws and Styrofoam take-out containers, use our own water bottles instead of buying bottled water and be really aware of the plastic products that we use and where they end up at the end of the day!

Let's use our imaginations, get involved and be proactive!!  

Peace and Love!!!

Karen, Sherry, & Talon