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1133 Omineca Avenue
Prince Rupert, BC, V8J 2B9


WILD Skincare is a collection of luxury skincare created for adventurous, environmentally conscious men and women. The collection currently includes moisturizers, face wash and a body wash created from plants and botanicals that are native to and were traditionally used by First Nations of Northwestern B.C.   We are proudly working towards harvesting 100% of our botanicals from the Great Bear Rainforest in Northwestern B.C., Canada.  We are passionate about supporting our local community by creating jobs, sharing stories and honouring Frist Nations tradition by learning, supporting and creating environmental awareness of this amazing part of the world through our product line. 




We bottled  the Great Bear Rainforest and created WILD natural skin care.

Wild Skin Care captures the essence of  the coastal mountains and fjords of the ancient Great Bear Rainforest in the summer The giant cedars hugging the isolated beaches, waves crashing in off the Pacific touched with Southeasterly winds caressing the shore. In the distant West, through the morning fog; the lush, green islands of Haida Gwaii; home to the mighty Haida Nation. Summer in the rainforest.... Wild draws you in.

Be the Adventure. Be Wild




We live here, work here and explore here. The area in steeped in the ancient culture of the First Nations who have lived here for millennia. We want to share our experiences in this dynamic, amazing ecosystem of people and nature. This is the Rainforest in our back yard and Wild is made with plants and botanicals sustainably harvested here. Our challenge is to sustainably harvest 100% of our ingredients here, to be a meaningful part of our community, and for you to experience this with us as we grow!